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bad for the body and reading the newspaper.  TV is a similar
How is your country?

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Hello!!  Unexpected  Japanese non-standard   My name is mimirappaヾ(@°▽°@)ノ

67 years after 1945   Come the end of the war came Hiroshima and Nagasaki has come again this year
GHQ  Imperial General Headquarters   Japanese state has become confused in the GHQ.  No  It just does not have to  Japan before the war could have been terrible state surely.  Japan is convenient but by invaders
Has become a nation that has been purged the spirit.

Here is an excerpt that some  It is part of the history that we did not.

 MV-22 Okinawa deployment

To deploy here
Level dogs and catsヾ(@°▽°@)ノ

Hello?  I'm was laughing away   is this Defective product ?    Defective product    I'm laughing, but I would think should not be flown on top of the residential areas      Mr. Morimoto
Noda    It 's you too    
We  can not trust the guys     Packie liar   The joker   Weathercock   Hey!  You  What are you working towards face to where   The convenience of the spot
Tone is changing

Is the item to the English translation has not been able to convert. Make a copy, but google is an English translation.  And the GHQ has been introduced in the English-speaking world will surely separate from.  History it   Defeat is the country's history


General Headquarters of the Allied supreme commander - Wikipedia

Japan now
Problem of bullying in junior high school.  It tries to escape responsibility for hiding Board of Education. 3.11
Plasma weapons   Tsunami and radioactive contamination  Chemtrails・・・Tired

The government has said it just a lie.  is not impossible to participate in the demonstration hundreds of thousands in Japan. Quietly Nation has been watered down defeat  Is a colonial state. A country that is as much as 90% to 80% of people will not have confidence in yourself.  Please be gentle on your Japanese more.

Please do not misunderstand.   Most Japanese people are more friendly and honest people.  Because I am Japanese unexpected. I've been writing in Japanese for the Japanese already sufficient.  I think and write in English I guess I should go towards the English-speaking people around here.

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shiryu hoshi Museums do not know anyone 誰も知らない美術館 5

Summary [edit]
Emperor Showa visited the (left), commander in chief MacArthur (right), shooting 27, 1945, September (1945) the General Headquarters of the Supreme Commander for the Allied Forces [3], to Japan for the execution of the Potsdam Declaration is an organ of the Allies was established. To 14, 1945 (1945) August, the Army of the United States Army Pacific Ocean is one of the Allied countries Marshal Douglas MacArthur commander-in-chief [4] was appointed to (SCAP) Allied supreme commander, the same year October 2, SCAP has been established in Tokyo. In September of the same year, as the highest policy institutions to manage Japan was placed under occupation, UK, USA, Republic of China, the Soviet Union, Canada, British India, Australia, New Zealand, France, Netherlands, Philippines American territory that is configured with (join Pakistan Burma and later) in 11 countries of the "Far Eastern Commission" is provided, the General Headquarters of the Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers is now positioned as authority to carry out the policy that is determined by the Far Eastern Commission

Listings can not be all there is a limit to the number of characters.  Please read the English translation on your own Google.   I think that GHQ had been told a lot different and should.  Defeated nation and is such  It is purged every spirit

Will be posted only in the following chronology

1948 (1948) in August, targeting education and training places were conducted by the Ministry of Education (currently the National Institute for Educational Policy Research), the young and old of 17,000 people about 15 to 64 years of age thus was "read and write capabilities of the Japanese survey," National Examination survey, the results and people can not read and write Chinese characters remained at 2.1%, called "close to 100 percent literacy rate of the Japanese" came out.
Even from a global viewpoint, this is an unprecedented level, romanization of Japanese was withdrawn.

The Radiation Database v1.1 for Google Earth - The World's Most Powerful Radiation Sources

The Radiation Database User Guide - Worldwide HAARP, VLF, Radar, & Nuclear DB

Chronology [edit] 1945 (1945)
Potsdam Declaration announced the United States, UK and Republic of China, July 26.
Acceptance of the Potsdam Declaration notice to the Government of Japan August 14.
Emperor Hirohito issues a decree of the end of the war.
August 15, the end of the war. Emperor Showa to announce the end of the war for the public (broadcast Gyokuon).
Kantaro Suzuki cabinet resign en masse.
Cabinet approved the king Toshihiko east country house on August 17.
150 people following the United States Army Colonel Tench August 28, landed the first time in Yokohama, Allied headquarters.
Atsugi airfield MacArthur landed on August 30.
Established (AFPAC) Army General Headquarters of the Pacific Ocean taking over the building of Yokohama Customs.



When asked what business activities and for whom there
And answer it for the benefit of shareholders shamelessly

Runned in a few decades the natural resources that are accumulated over 4.5 billion years
Bunker will be absorbed in the game Monopoly

LIBOR Gambling Insider    The full use of knowledge as long as tax evasion
People are hungry to change the corn oil

Printing presses rolling up an infinite piece of paper
Probably thinks that alien life When you're finished to wear

Also eliminates feelings Meguraseru means for them to win the Monopoly game  Also eliminates feelings for the purpose Meguraseru   Entrust your life to program automated trading   You're not to have anything to do anymore
Oppajimeru or in the war?
Inquiry to harassment or even in an earthquake?

Try to change the world not reach a plane of light in empty chemical chemtrails?
Try one taken in terrorism?  You're pathetic guy   Perfectly alright
・ Now・・・

Any future that he is waiting on earth to its destination

A permanent part of the underground facilities of the far north the gene   Construction in any location on earth HARRP   The earth and God too many   Also scattered a few million tons of chemical substances   There is only one blue sky   Even a few million scattered radioactivity Becquerel  
The sea is not only one

Hundreds of times the earth   Only the nucleus of the human race to extinction thousands of times
Weapons and plasma   And chemical weapons  And biological weapons   On a computer virus
I thought it would have become extinct only with others?

It is the only one I'm cute   you do it is the only one so cute    Only on the earth you will survive  White hug you forever without limit itself   Hug white enough to write to the monument   You surely are  
Three times before the chicken is not    Would want to die

Descendants of you in a corner of the earth was without anyone
Will stand much of madness in his own life story vile folly you will

He is not the ultimate future of human beings, such as barmy such
I no longer   I also do not rethink that white

You have no right to run through one's fortune in idleness until the future of others
To decide on the winner of the last person in the corner of the galaxy

you have continued to play in the Monopoly game


只今いまひとたびの奈良 Google Earthにて旋回中! オスプレイ?ありゃ誰がどう見たって欠陥商品だよ いいさ・・・でも落としたら賠償金大変だよ? 33rappa

すまんすまん そんな話するつもりじゃなかったんだけどな・・・新聞読むってありゃ毒だね?(゚ー゚)(。_。)ウンウン 身体に良くないからなるたけ読まないほうが身のためだ わはは  只今 いまひとたびの奈良 Google Earthにて旋回中

右の写真左手前から 少し上の赤いマークの辺りが纏向遺跡 上いって 景行天皇陵 その上に崇神天皇陵です

案内してくれるおじさんに さんざん大国主だの神武天皇だの12000〜16000年前の2万年3万年前の石器時代をへてあの沖縄の改定ピラミッドは12000年当たりに沈んだんじゃないか?とか・・・(w) 友達とこういうバトルスルはずだったんですが 急に不幸があったようで・・・急遽 コノ初めてお会いするおじさんが餌食となりました ヾ(@°▽°@)ノあはは 
"卑弥呼の墓"を3D測量 前方部は3段構造と判明 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-FaWfe2cnSQ

要するに古事記に記されたルートの神話に登場するポイントポイントに海底遺跡が眠っている 火山灰から年代を大まかに推定するそうですが数万年前石器時代と被っているわけですよ 船を大型の船をこしらえて渡来していた一族がこの頃いなかったとは 誰もいえませんよね? WAO!!! ミステリーですぞ ミステリー!

Yonaguni - Ancient Underwater City

石器時代の話だの 弥生時代がいわゆる事実上最初の渡来人のことだよなとか ありゃBC900年頃のようだとか 古事記にちゃんと高天原は大陸にあるって書いてあるとか・・・まるで湊川原人のようなおじさんでしたが 面白かったです。ここ意外にちいさくて地味ですけど 勉強になりますよ お近くにこられましたら是非一度


箸墓古墳 - Wikipedia
卑弥呼の墓はどこや!って聞いたら その湊川原人みたいなおじさん 卑弥呼の墓なんてない!って言ってました その隣のおじさんは見つかったらそら大変や!だそうです その湊川原人みたいなおじさん神武天皇の話はまったく興味ないらしく 戦前は神武天皇絶対だったそうですが・・・(w) もっぱら石器時代がお好みなんでしょうか? でも話を聞いていて思ったのは 実は渡来人はもっと早くに来ていたんではないか・・・ということですね 少なくとも 弥生時代というのはまさにそれですし それ以前にもきていたんではないかと思うんですよ ちなみに12000年前の日本は北から南まで湊川原人だったと そのおじさんは言ってましたけど?  大和王権っていつ頃で 卑弥呼は実在のひとなんでしょうか? そりゃそうでしょ!

にお散歩してきたんでそのGoogle Earthレポートしようと思ってたんでした! ではどうぞ!

纒向遺跡 - Wikipedia

オスプレイ?ありゃ誰がどう見たって欠陥商品だよ いいさ・・・でも落としたら賠償金大変だよ?

新聞見てるとまったく呆れたはなしのオンパレードじゃないか・・・そりゃ安全保障だって持ちつ持たれつ いい加減植民地扱いやめてほしいけどさ・・・俺はアジア人が大嫌いなんだ!!ってのもやめてほしいしさ 人間ですから 同じ 

空母の上をバウンディングしながら着陸する戦闘機 そのまっま海に突っ込む戦闘機 片羽根ぶつけて駒のように回りながら着水する戦闘機
・・・安全じゃないんだよ 安全じゃないものを住宅密集地の上を飛ばそうってんだからさ 人間扱いしなよ There・・・Tentatively
Be written in English  Osprey? That no matter how you look at it who .Is a defective product  I do not mind  But if you dropped it  It is hard reparations?

Curving 's
Even give-and-take security  Negligently  I want to quit the colony 's treatment I hate Asians! ! . What I also want you to stop  Is from human Same

Fighter aircraft to landing while bounding over the aircraft carrier. Wait until its plunge into the sea fighter Fighter to splashdown while bumping around like the piece Wing. It 's not safe The hell do you fly over the residential areas not safe things . Us to treat the human

'm sorry  I did not intend to write such a thing.  Japan is now
Society has become rotten enough to escape the bullying of children responsible hidden Board of Education
Each other  Ya oh well  .Do not drop me a plasma weapon and twice  .Us to treat the human  I'm a descendant of King Solomon. ヾ(@°▽°@)ノ
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