Secret Society Mystery Tour ! Freemasonry !ヾ(@°▽°@)ノHello〜! Unexpected Nonstandard Dangerous Tama-chan DA----!!

Secret Society Mystery Tour  Freemasonry ヾ(@°▽°@)ノHello〜!Unexpected Nonstandard Dangerous Tama-chan DA----!!    1

Tama-chan had a lot・・・But Tama-chan think that after all Freemasonry   Since I came to the conclusion that such It is a mystery tour continues further   ready? 


Uproar over the Far East    Did you happen why they are concentrated in this period    Not one such accident    All necessary    This is called a conspiracy   
Who are those bent on Fisherman's interest    Who is riding on its modus operandi fairly    Any country    It is not a monolithic globalist group

The usual trick    globalist Does that mean in any country   Cause of war pretext of war the war to be
 was waiting and   Take advantage of the fishermen  It probably trick that can be used any number of times


Anglo-Saxon Mission  It is the most stupid cult could think of humanity   Freemasonry    If you are that it is irrelevant    You should only have to prove innocence     You should take care of yourself rust came from relatives     Is the lowest


Secret Society Mystery Tour 3 Freemasonry
°)Hello〜!Unexpected Nonstandard Dangerous Tama-chan


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QE3 Financial Crisisヾ(@°▽°@)ノProtocols of Zion,action plan of world revolution Rothschild,illuminati masonry 33rappa

QE3  Financial Crisisヾ(@°▽°@)ノProtocols of Zion,action plan of world revolution Rothschild,illuminati masonry 33rappa
If you select the right  
If you select the
This is the liberal democracy   It is a ceremony of capitalism
From the beginning     It is said to have been no such
This is the New World Order

you think you hate
revoke permission to the bill from them
Is that because fraud

Financial Crisis              33rappa

Euro crisis
Trouble around the island    Instigation of nationalism
Inheritance of power 2012
and  Now   finally

Do you know

The last point is repeated in the best up-and-down movement violently
As of the last convulsions cardiac arrest
QE3 is
Refers to the last signal of interest of

Worry is useless
Human beings are stubborn   It is like a parasite
It revived
many times

Politicians of the world to the other guys degradation   Everyone is fired      not quite come to the office from tomorrow     I am also fed up to see the face    Island dispute and    Breed missile Consulate     Nuisance are assassinated     sowed the seeds of trouble
By the way
Do you pull the trigger time of the Great Depression   Is it when the ready excuse of WW3   Please let me also killing         QE3       I also banknotes children     Please let me
be free   
With it     on the night of the blackout of three days and nights    I do not want to hear  Preaching of crazy man   Thank you  
John Galt

picture   shiryu hoshi.jpg

End of the world financial mafia ヾ(@°▽°@)ノ 2012 My name is WEBBOT / Sunya 33rappa

First of all ...  What you want to link the future  To be honest  If you can be done without knowing
When it's the best  I'll refuse to think that I have.   So-called ...  Links to the most ugly and hideous consideration may consider human.

(* ̄∇ ̄*) Brainwashing and mind control ///dangerous/// by dangerous Tama-chan

Anonymous - ILLUMINATI Protocols of ZION初めて実行員が暴露した、アメリカの国際陰謀・工作秘史

So   Close this page immediately, please if you are not completely confident.
ヾ (@ ° ▽ ° @) ノ
Anymore    I think you have finished the days that you can get around     Analyzed in a calm and reassuring manner this content    We have to face this fact and from the front  In the spirit of ordinary decent   
Because I can be dangerous leading to collapse of its own spirit. 
Advised to you

ロスチャイルドの世界革命行動計画 シオンの議定書 ヾ(@°▽°@)ノ33rappa

It means you have finished the days that are done without knowing 
I continue to exist in the core of the history over the long    Is it would be that the time has come to face from the front, such as cancer and the presence of these    Man can not earn a living be strong   If there is no qualification Yuku live gently will overcome ... no poop poop  Let 'would overcome at all
ヾ (@ ° ▽ ° @) ノ WAHAHA

What we should transfer part?

Control and fear is the most inexpensive way to quick obedience to the masses.  

• In order to deprive the real estate industry, from Goimu,     As far as the national economic interest and investment,    I must lead to economic collapse of Goimu a combination of heavy taxes and unfair competition.     That trick so that it can not be in business Goimu the international stage is possible.   Dominance of raw materials ie clever,    Spread of organized propaganda campaign to seek wage labor and high short time,  
It can be realized by the aid of a competitor.

We must manage the situation as they will never be watered with the increase of wage workers.
Finally,   The few rich do to our campaign,    And police and soldiers to protect the interests of our, and    Should I do the masses of the proletariat remains.  
Killing each other in order to Goimu,
Large-scale armed augment people must be started.
Members of a single world government is appointed by the dictator,  Scientist, Economist,Financial expert, Entrepreneur,  Elected from among the millionaire.
Substantially with everything resolved, the numbers in the (money?)

Theory that we are aware of the error, the agent will inculcate the principle that,
For the purpose of causing rot and confuse the spirit of young people in society,
All classes,   All levels of society,  
I must infiltrate the government.

New world order ?   non non ! Out of orderヾ (@ ° ▽ ° @) ノahaha