london olympic zion 2012 Mystery of the orbit Tower 33rappa

               Tatlin's Tower                            orbit Tower                  Caduceus   Hermes
maidodoumo---!   Thank you for waiting everyone of illuminati mystery fan of World 7000000000
To move unthinkable even thought of 7    Confused pelican    Here is 33rappaAlright !!  
orbit Tower Mystery  
Is the 2 stage !! iye----!ヾ(@°▽°@)ノRecently  I receive the server is a terrible attack  So  Has been saved like this frequently  iye----!
ArcelorMittal Orbit - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

2012年オリンピックの開会式と閉会式におけるオカルト象徴主義 By VC August 17th, 2012 その2 さてはてメモ帳

2012年オリンピックの開会式と閉会式におけるオカルト象徴主義 By VC August 17th, 2012 その1さてはてメモ帳

Olympic  in London at the opening ceremony of the Olympics seems to have been an uproar on the net
It is with the Japanese team was made to leave in the middle of march-in.    I have not seen
What I think or else there   I do not understand that the human nervous mistake of something suspect
What rubble because of the batch or radioactivity?
It is clearly intentional
And racial discrimination is still honored   Was able to understand the meaning of a gentleman I also
Fog is so deep      (((((/ ̄ 3 ̄)/chu-


Suggesting the project had echoes of Tatlin's Monument to the Third International, and especially Constant Nieuwenhuys' utopian city New Babylon, he asked whether Orbit was just as revolutionary or possessed the same ideological purpose, or whether it was merely "a giant advert for one of the world’s biggest multinationals, sweetened with a bit of fun

monument for the Communist International.                             The Comintern Tower 
Comintern - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia 

Fascism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

New World Order (conspiracy theory) - Wikipedia, the free ...
To sample
a little more   All right    The last visible continuously cleanヾ(@°▽°@)ノ
gold triple-helix-designing.jpgwho-logo-final-7.bmpUS_Army_Medical_Corps_Branch_Plaque.gifed10364f-3161-4600-8245-5dc4b1f3b425.jpgfasces.jpg
The most important thing
Comintern  Fascism  New World Order 
The essence of
the three words is that the same meaning

Imagine just a little.   the guys have said, such as new world order.  As you wish to color trying to monopolize the world Hitler Nazi.  They're waiting for the chorus of Heil and sense of helplessness of you
And it's a wonderful world.  Professors and scientists critic tries to brainwash

Securities  hedge fund banker politician  1% of guys have a monopoly on all. United Nations and the IMF FRB ECB・・・etc     Freemasons would have accounted for the percentage of how much the head of the organization on earth like this  Do you imagine you have?
And if so
Also not much difference between new world order fascism also Comintern

Personally, as Tatlin's Tower is the symbolizing the Third International   Masonic NWO is a blast that would have put the intent of the similar orbit Tower   
I think personally that this work actually failed
To success is to succeed it must be pure expression of what is   I think because it failed to

Double helix  Trumpet  Gravitational field  Black hole  Roller coaster  DNA  Snake  Caduceus  Water pipe OrbitInfinite loop・・・Besides Tatlin's Tower  Comintern Tower  Tower of Babel  Pattern of the truss from the bottom of the mandala pattern will be visible to them to be Shinboraisu   Extra image associative sisters are too many too   It seems has lost the beauty of the original pure  So Failure

Another  View from the idea illuminati card  card is used the word obit was two cards
orbital_mind_control_lasers.jpgorbit_one.jpgThis cards are also some relationship?church_of_the_subgenius.jpgorbit Tower Orbit Tower appeared to have been brainwashing machineヾ(@°▽°@)ノ

I think there is interesting about The Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons Dan Brown is backed by what truth there  In just a fantasy and a delusion not interesting  I've grown tired  Let So much 
illuminati? =  It is Masonic (゚ー゚)(。_。)ya! ya!

Dan Brown,の,Lost Symbol,に学ぶilluminati建築学 Secrets in Plain Sight Part-6 George Washington Masonic National Memorial

For Mason  I looked several times before  Has been thoroughly

meson.jpg  1.jpg


And if so・・・ It is faster thoroughly dissected itself Masonic  About brainwashing as a military research
CERN and other military research institutions DAAPA ヾ(@°▽°@)ノ

Fascist Symbols In U.S. Congress
AMERICA: Freedom To Fascism. Aaron Russo Interview.
Caduceus - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Hermes - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

                                                                                 The Comintern Tower
Illuminati Mind Control Techniques
ILLUMINATI a myth? Full Documentary

Tue.2012.07.31  ロンドン五輪のポセイドン男とレプティリアンだそーです



also features a large trumpet-like structure at the base


Hookah wikipedia

Hubble Bubble (astronomy) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
It seems the guy did not want to be known    Persistent server was attacked
Why there is so much value?ヾ(@°▽°@)ノ
Apparently     Science will be of a privileged class of dark matter   Religion seems to love the occult

Good thing
In the world   solve the mystery of the illuminati has started
Shall be ignored and there is no longer a conspiracy
What is conspiracy 
Everyone will notice that there was a history of truth
By 99% was realized that human beings had been deceived
1% is going to be naked

Because too much too obvious locus


Tatlin's Tower  Third International Monument
For what purpose?    As a symbol of what?    What was built?

Come on everyone  Finally   Is forbidden  Forbidden  It is a mystery    Abstinence is lost or where unpredictable   wakuwaku ((o(゚▽゚○)(○゚▽゚)o)) dokidoki   

Immediately  Mr. monitoring charge seems to be arrival !  Hello! Hello!   It is also your arrival early today
Well Well  Such as tea please  ・・・
ε=ε=ε=ε=ε=(。・ω・)_旦~~For waiting〜!
Subject of the second bullet as a monument of londonolympic 
Why is DNA and orbit mystery Why do we need to be subject?  This is a mystery 
33rappa is it unexpected non-standard  Planning and explanation is that arbitrarily  How is Or where you will be taken to the  Lost you excited?
  OH ------ tto!!33rappa  Has received intense attack on the server
Please stop  Please stop  Are you free you?・・・I am free Wahahahaha 
ヾ(□ ̄;ヽ) =3=3=3 \(ε ̄\)))) chuuuuuuuu-!!


Journey to the Fifth Dimension (1/2) As Above So Below

Rumors of a flying saucer is like after all was a lie.
・ ・ ・
Will of course  /┐( ̄ヘ ̄)┌

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london olympic zion 2012 Mystery of the orbit Tower 33rappa
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