Secret Society Mystery Tour 5 Freemasonry illuminati ヾ(@°▽°@)ノ Occult - Mind Control - governance 33rappa

Secret Society Mystery Tour 5  Freemasonry illuminati ヾ(@°▽°@)ノ

Occult - Mind Control - governance
Hello〜!Unexpected Nonstandard Dangerous Tama-chan DA----!!
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It is a mystery tour continues
further   ready?
illuminati organization chart
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This dream

By antioxidant   Set fire to the ball of the 6000 old eye
It is a bonfire of angel ...

This dream
It is a dream of a fictional mythology collapse 6000 ...

It is a dream of God to pinpoint 99% crash in 4 seconds

This doll Atonement
Is it a runaway dolls atonement God want?  Or
Is it that human beings desire doll Atonement?

Brain of God ate fish more than 30 000 Becquerel
last night



Simulation of Oil Spill デハナク
放射能拡散シュミレーションナノデス・・・ ワトソン君

抗酸化物質デ 年老イタ6000ノ眼玉ニ放火スル
天使ノ篝火ナノデス・・・ ワトソン君

( トオクニ マチュピチュノ夢マタタイテイル )

昨夜 30000ベクレル超ノ魚ヲ喰ベマシタ

第5次元戦争ノ果テ 地球上スベテノhukushimaガ火ヲ噴イテ 
TVノナカノ高橋ヲ キットツカマエル気ナンテナイデショウ?

高圧電流 触レルトキケン
レミング レミング レミング
高圧電流 触レルトキケン

漢字トヘブライ ひらがなEnglishノ雨模様デス




6000ノ架空神話崩壊ノ夢ナノデス・・・ ワトソン君 
暴走スル神ガ望ンダ贖罪人形デスカ? ソレトモ人類ガ望ンダ贖罪人形デスカ?

( 漣ニ マチュピチュノ夢マタタイテイル )


食物連鎖ピラミッド 最上層ノタメノ1匹ノ羊ハ 欲望ノ犯罪革命デス
TVノナカノ政治家ニハ 口カラ毒キノコガ生エテオリマシタ

高圧電流 触レルトキケン
レミング レミング レミング
高圧電流 触レルトキケン

神ノ脳ハ昨夜 30000ベクレル超ノ魚ヲ喰べマシタ
TVノナカノ高橋ヲ キットツカマエル気ナンテナイデショウ?

ゴメンネ 今夜モ雨模様デス 


free masonic order of the   golden centurium   FOGC   anonymous rex   sodomy&mind control   Authoritarianism ( Fascism /Collectivism/ Communism)   Pathocracy    Rule by Psychopaths( aka Cabal, Oligarchyor Juntathrough Corporations . Also called Authoritarianism / Corporat ism / Globalisation

Corpor atism is crypto-  Authoritarianism / Fascism , worldwide called Globalisation (the alliance  between the heads of Government, Corporations and the Banks 1 ), is the money making, Poisoning , & Genocidal control grid of the Psychopaths  Information control is  mind control  medical  Fascism uthoritarianism


The Jesuits are the Saturnalian Brotherhood    The Jesuit Black Sun    BLACK JESUIT ORDER OF LIZARDS        VATICANUS CHURCH  Opus Dei

Also disappeared long pre-stage and jokes with the Wind    That so I would at any time   Talk over here from over there    And  ... in delusion・・・Wahaha   Well do just fine  Today
That exists at the center of occult essence of Freemasonry  Frankly   This is the subject  But I was going to end this series 5   The back is much too deep  Not confident  whether I really get to the truth
So   I've decided to take that dare quit   Readers who are dating had better be prepared to do so  Wahaha   Well try to do   little by little     First
220px-Charles_Taze_Russell_sharp.jpg jesuits.gifpyr_2.jpgf0195844_1940242.jpg
Although it starts searching from other bloggers and video blog of other  I'll speak roughly a personal diagnosis before  Occult - Mind Control - governance  This is the original baseline from a practical point of view first   Governance and religious power and mind control is the consent even a cursory look back at the history of ever   I think those in power at the time and I was thinking of the ages

Would be the same today  There is no scientific research CIA busy brainwashing etc. Ultra MK after the Second World War so   Bio-Nuclear whatnot ...   What to do with military technology, such as goose bumps standing?

All   It's because of the inheritance of maintaining power
and blood lines  It's because of the inheritance of maintaining power and blood   It must be dealt with as revenge in the long history of course  It is not addressed here   Only stick to occultism   In the religious sense  In terms of scientific  brainwashing   In the aspect of public governance shepherd   itself is the creation of illuminati

I think it was a quest for the ultimate system   From all aspects   I would imagine that they did seek   I already four centuries have passed away and then   System was gruesome to reveal the figure  I wrote a little yesterday  
It's OUMU incident that occurred in Japan in 1995

I'm writing this while doing the work during the day    So    I may not write very much underway  Hopefully pardon   Only one thing    Similarly we also Masonic   I think I have come to alteration every age    The occult and religion are closely related and     Imagine new religion and are mediated largely
I believe that such major figures as he went gradually to distort the essence of Freemasonry
This is the prelude     I also had
longer I tell you   I am not a professional activist in its way    I'm not just one of the office workers were just tired    Appropriate work is doing    To live  I'm tired today wahaha     It's a normal human   I do not just have to explore what you want to know in the magic box

For example,

If you want to know about mind control brainwashing   My drawings  Astronauts Boy quest   Under the picture    You can find your favorite page in the blog search   For example,   brainwashing mindcontrol   Found on the relevant page blog if you type   Turn on the button of the 記事-Keyword input-Search  Well theirI think I had better try to find in a Google search is fun   Please enjoy   Careful selection is pasted from a lot of video

Wahaha   To be continued・・・

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